Minor Program Info

Minor Program in Child Development
Year Semester Course ID Name Credit(s)
Year II Fall CLD 203 Developmental Psychology 4
Year II Fall CLD 205 Physical Growth and Motor Development 4
Year II Fall CLD 216 Approaches to Child Development 4
Year II Spring CLD 107 Medical Biology and Genetics 3
Year II Spring CLD 214 Developmental Psychopathology 4
Year III Fall CLD 217 Children with Special Needs I 4
Year III Fall CLD 305 Developmental Diagnoses and Assessment Methods 5
Year III Spring CLD 215 Social-Emotional Development 5
Year III Spring CLD 311 Child-Focused Family Counseling 5
Year IV Fall CLD 223 Children at Risk 3
Year IV Fall CLD 309 Early Intervention 4
Year IV Spring CLD 200 Child Health and Diseases 3
Year IV Spring CLD 206 Child and Play 5