International Student First Registration

Important notes for filling the registration form :

Please do not use Turkish keyboard while filling the form. Only use ENGLISH keyboard.

If you have a Turkish citizenship please do not choose double citizenship only choose your TC citizenship.

For your name and surname please wirte as it is written on your passport.

For your address please write down your address in your home country or where your family lives.

Your passport information is very important please write the correct information.

In the phone part if you already have a Turkish mobile number please write it in this part. System doesn’t send auto messages to your foreign mobile numbers. So if you have a Buddy you can also ask your Buddy to use their numbers until you get yours and update it on the system.

In the email part please write your alternative email address that you oftenly use.You will receive your password renewal emails from your alternative email address.

After you finish the filling the form please click to “Request Password Reset Link”. You will receive an email to your email address that you wrote on the previous page.

Go to your alternative email address and create a password for your SIS page.

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